The Conference Support Suite (CSS) Demonstration displays the look and functionality of the CSS. Feel free to experiment with some of the CSS features using the menu to the left.
Register a paper, then submit it. (Hint: Use a .PDF document for best results. If you don't have a .PDF doucument, download the CSS White Paper.)
Find a paper by paper number, author name, or title key words. (Hint: Try paper number 4, author name "Moore", or title key word "Conference".)
After submitting a paper you will be able to confirm and acknowledge the submission.
Try out the on-line paper review. Be sure to "save" your review to demonstrate the review confirmation feature. (Hint: Try paper number 4.)
Experiment with the on-line system administrator tools: "Add a New User" and "View/Edit Users". (Hint: Try the last name "Moore".)
For more information contact Richard Moore, Web Support Programs.
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